Friday, August 26, 2011

Living on a Few Acres

I think people in general believe farm life to be a tranquil, solitary existence.  Many people after working for 30 years want to retire on a farm or at least on a few acres out in the country.  Maybe you're not at retirement age yet but want to prepare for a life away from the city after you're done working.

That's why the Ag Agent and I have teamed up on a program called Living on a Few Acres.  We want the training to focus on living sustainably on the farm.  In fact, I wondered if we should call in Living Off a Few Acres.  Self-sustainability is kind of a big thing right now.  This program will help you do that.

A fellow horticulture agent sent me this graphic just yesterday about how much land it would take a family to support themselves.  It gets you to think about your different needs and how you might best obtain those resources.

Our program will begin on October 11 and classes will be every Tuesday until November 22.  We skip November 1, however.  We start with a meal at 5:30 and then begin the program at 6 each night.

Registration will be $50 and that covers your meals, a resource binder, and a jump drive.  We hope this sounds like something you or someone you know might be interested in.