Monday, July 31, 2006

June bugs and blackberries

At home, we have about 30 blackberry plants. We have really enjoyed picking and eating them right off the plant -- they are wonderful and sweet. But over the last 2 weeks, the June bugs and Japanese beetles have also been enjoying their sweetness.

I have found that our small black berry patch is the choice home for many, many mosquitoes and June bugs. As I go pick in the 90 degree weather, I wear long sleeves and long pants to deter mosquitoes -- but they usually find my uncovered neck and face to bite.

And the June bugs -- well, there's nothing you can wear to deter them. Maybe a suit of armor would be appropriate. They come flying out in their addled way, usually bumping into something (my head mostly). If one lands on the ground, the foot comes down on it. And you don't have to be quick, the poor lumbering souls are easy prey for the foot thing.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Black blotches on snap beans

I've gotten a lot of calls about black blotches on snap beans, like white half runners. The culprit is probably anthracnose, a fungal disease.

What to do: most people don't want to eat things that look like this. Get the beans on a good spray schedule with chlorothalonil (Daconil or Funginil).

This disease is mostly seed-borne so be sure you start with clean seed.

First post - welcome

My name is Beth Wilson and I am the Horticulture Agent in Pulaski County KY. I work for the Pulaski County Cooperative Extension Service -- all Extension offices are affiliated with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

This blog will be featuring different things as the growing season progresses. I might talk about common problems occurring in our plants or weird outbreaks of disease or insects. Or just whatever might be on my mind that day.

My goal is to make information readily available to those of you who might be interested in home gardening. We'll talk about favorite plants, least favorite plants, best times of the year to do things, and in general, how to be a successful home gardener in south central KY.

I want this to be fun and informative. Please post comments as you see fit.