Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fall 2013 Master Gardener Program

     Many people have a love for things that grow.  If you have that love as well as a love for community service, then the Master Gardener Program may be right for you.  The program will be held in Pulaski Co this fall 2013.  The fee is $150.  You must fill out a Master Gardener application.  Rough starting dates are early to mid-September through mid-December.  This is the classroom portion of the training.
     After passing a test at the end of the classroom training, participants have 12 months to volunteer 40 hours back to the community.  The Lake Cumberland Master Gardener Association was formed as a way to communicate to members what is going on in the community as well as be a social, friendly place to meet and greet like-minded folds.  They meet monthly except for July and August.
     During the classroom training, program participants learn about botany, soils and fertilizers, entomology, plant pathology, pesticide safety, annuals and perennials, vegetables, woody plants, fruits, turf, organic gardening, and a few other topics.  We meet for 3 hours each week.
     You will receive the Kentucky Master Gardener Manual in a 3-ring binder as well as some supplemental resources. Classes are taught by Kentucky Horticulture Agents and UK Specialists.
     Projects Master Gardeners are involved in include their annual Pulaski County Garden Tour, the Children's Garden at the Pulaski County Public Library, city and county beautification efforts, marketing the program at various events (like Earth Day celebrations), and even writing newsletter articles.  There are many other opportunities as well.
     I hope several of you decide to go through the program.  I think most participants get a lot of gratification from it.  
    If you need more information, come to a meeting about the program on July 25, 2013 at 6pm at the Pulaski County Extension office.  If you cannot make it but still have questions, you can email Beth Wilson or call the office 606-679-6361.