Monday, January 31, 2011

Manure Use on Home Gardens -- Watch Out!

Manures can be a great way to add organic matter to a home garden.  I'm for it.  However, be mindful of a few things:

  1. Cow manures that are not well-composted should be used sparingly on gardens where crops like potatoes or onions will be grown.  E. coli is the big deal, and it is a very big deal.
  2. Adding too much of a good thing can be bad.  Manure is a great source of nitrogen.  If the manure is still 'hot' -- not well composted -- you will grow a lot of plant but not many fruit or melons or whatever it is you are growing in your garden.
  3. Lastly, herbicide carryover in manures is a reality.  Some farmers manage their hayfields with herbicides.  Cows eat the hay.  Cows poop.  You gather tht poop up to spread on your garden.  Bad things can happen.  Take a look at this great publication from NCSU

I know this may not be the most interesting subject, but be wise when using manures on your home garden!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Gardener's Toolbox Classes

Are you ready for 2011 Gardener's Toolbox Classes?  Well, here they are!

Bill Best will be teaching the class on Heirloom Vegetables.
UK Meteorologist Tom Priddy will teach the Weather class.
Tom Barnes, UK Extension Specialist in Forestry and well-known author, will be teaching the class on Photography in the Garden.

All classes are $5 except for the class on making cheese.  It will be $20 to $25.  Pre-payment is very much appreciated as is pre-registration in general.  This makes my life easier.

Hope to see you at some of the classes!