Friday, September 08, 2006

Poor Souls

I have a box in the back of my truck that holds miscellaneous things I need in doing my job. Boots, pruners, wooden stakes, a couple of publications, measuring tape, etc. It was taken out of my truck in broad daylight yesterday as it sat in the parking lot of the Extension office.

I feel sorry for the poor souls that felt like they needed to take my stuff. Actually, it was all bought with taxpayer money, so the poor soul is costing Pulaski County residents, not me personally. There are a bunch of yard sales this weekend, so someone will probably end up buying the stuff.

I needed new pruners anyway.


Greg said...

Sometimes it not the cost, but the fact that someone took the tools that I make a living with. If you or extension get a locking toolbox I will gladly install it.

Susan said...

Why not buy one of those locking tool boxes that mechanics use? the usual kind is the ones that go in a norrow rectangle from one side of the truck-bed to the other, but you can get ones that sit at the back (bolt it down) & it has drawers. MAC'll sell you one; so will TSC & they're having a sale right now ;)