Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Houseplants -- Good or Bad?

I subscribe and read Garden Rant, a blog by a trio of women whose opinions are interesting and usually evoke a lot of discussion.

Recently the blog posted '10 Reasons to Hate Houseplants'. There was some thoughtful discussion. I've never had a tremendous amount of luck with houseplants -- mainly because I do not have enough south-facing windows or space to put them.

I must admit, I'm more fond of getting outside and gardening there rather than being inside tending to plants. I am one whose home does not lend itself well to keeping houseplants. I wish it did. I think I would grow more fond of them. Furthermore, I just plain forget to water them. It sounds ridiculous, especially when I am in the same room with them 50% of the time I'm home.

In fact, in the last few weeks, I think I managed to kill a fern because 1)our home is too mild and 2) again, I forgot to water the durn thing.

Good luck with your houseplants! And Happy Holidays!

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