Thursday, January 11, 2007


In January, many Extension agents are on the road. Going to meeting after meeting. That's all well and good because we need to get educated, updated, and kind of energized for the coming year.

I attend the Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association annual winter meeting, the Mid-States Horticultural Expo, the Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference, and two or three non-commodity things.

I always say that if you get one thing from a 2 or 3 day meeting, it's worth it. And I have. I hope I can serve the people of Pulaski Co even better with my recently learned stuff.

Here's an example or 3:
1. I learned that 'they' have actually bred Echinacea to death.
-- Don't get me wrong, some of the introductions are pretty neat, but enough already!
2. I learned that farmers/nurserymen who employ H2A workers must pay them more than what US workers would get under the potential NEW minimum wage.
-- (I actually already knew that but isn't that interesting?)
3. I learned that Kentucky's fruit and vegetable production has been increasing 8-10% per year -- it's now a $50 million industry.
-- We need to keep it growing. You can help by buying locally produced fruits, vegetables, nursery stock, greenhouse bedding plants, etc.

That's enough for today. I included a picture of our lilac buds that started to open this week.


Susan Blanton said...

All BLOOMED Out!?!
I have one little hyacinth that has bloomed for the 2nd time! Do you think it'll have anything left for spring? My spring crocus are budding to bloom WITH my snow crocus. The panseys have never stopped blooming. This may be a "spring" devoid of bloom @ Hazeldell....

Beth said...

Susan, good seeing you at Extension conference. Hope we are all energized when we get back to our hometowns.

Pertaining to your comment, I truly don't know if it will have much left. Bulbs have to go through a resting period between blooms, that's all I know for sure.

One thing's for sure, it's winter again, and with a vengeance.