Thursday, February 07, 2008

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Whether you agree or not with our own Kentucky girl, Barbara Kingsolver, she really communicates to non-farm people about the identity of their food and why they should care in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

I just got through reading it -- even though it's been out for more than a year -- and it has made me care about where my food is coming from, though every winter I cannot bring myself to buy fresh produce out of season anyway. Anyone lucky enough to get hold of this book will at least think a bit about their shopping habits.

Kingsolver is a KY girl -- from up near where I was raised as a matter of fact -- and she weaves in stories about her life in KY so that makes it fun. I encourage everyone to read it and perhaps, change some of the ways they approach procuring their food.

This coming spring and summer, you all will have to fight me for all the local strawberries and peaches!


Anonymous said...

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Beth said...

Thanks for reading, I hope you find it useful.