Friday, December 12, 2008

Green in the Middle of Gray

It has been gray, dreary, and wet over the last couple of days. Just what you expect about this time of the year, although I could have waited til January.

However, I've been thinking and writing a lot about green gardening over the past week. I've been writing my next newsletter and I've devoted it to this green gardening topic. It is full of tips, advice, and preaching.

I truly think we (the American consumer) have come to a point where we have to do something. And we're probably 20 years too late. True, dirt-under-the-fingernails-and-proud-of-it gardeners are mostly sustainable, I believe. They understand all the intricate processes, the delicate balances, the lowly life forms that make it all happen.

It's the pseudo-gardeners I'm worried about who just want things to look good. Weed-free, lush, insect-free (and I mean ALL insects, click here for a scary story)....all those things that we PERCEIVE as being pleasing to the eye. Those are the ' gardeners' who rarely venture out into their gardens to really see what's going on and those who believe that throwing out more synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is the only way to a beautiful landscape.

I'm proud to say I do things as sustainably, as green, as environmentally sound, as I possibly can at home and here at the office. I know I'll get some comments, so go ahead.

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