Tuesday, February 10, 2009

After Some Brutal Weather

I snapped a few pictures today of my raised beds that have some crops planted in them. The crimson clover cover crop (top picture) is about half dead, but the dead half will certainly make a nice mat of material to plant into this spring (plus provide lots of nitrogen!)

The kale (picture 2) got nipped pretty hard by the brutal cold temperatures, so it's usefulness as an edible is shot. But it will hold the soil and provide organic matter to the bed. Not is all lost.

The third picture down in just a shot of both beds. Clover on the left, kale on the right.

The last picture is of some garlic. It has toughed it out without any mulch or straw or row cover. We'll be thankful for fresh garlic in July!! I've got several varieties planted so we'll make some comparisons later.

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