Monday, March 29, 2010

Emerald Ash Borer -- Know It & Abhor It

Abhor is such a strong word....but we will all really, really, really not like this critter very much in the near future. I just came from presenting a program to our local Rotary Club on the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). It's relevant enough that I'll update you on its movement.

Kentucky has 11 counties infested with the EAB.

So far, Pulaski County is not an OFFICIALLY infested county. But think about it....we get a few Ohio visitors each year. These visitors may bring infested firewood with them. Ohio has had this pest for a couple of years already.

Or maybe a shipment of ash trees for a landscaping business or nursery comes in already infested. That's all it takes for these insects to get started.

During late April or early May, EABs will emerge and begin doing what insects do best -- eating, mating, and flying. Maybe all of them at once!

We need help in tracking this insect, so I simply ask you keep your eyes open. If you see any of the symptoms (found on the website links above), please call me at 606-679-6361.


Robin Usborne said...

You can also find information on emerald ash borer at

Beth said...

Robin, thanks for posting that website. That's the hub for all EAB information. What I have links to is the Kentucky-specific information.