Monday, December 24, 2012

12 New Trees and Shrubs

In honor of 12/12/12 a couple of weeks ago, I'm rounding out my '12 New _____ Plants' to try during 2013 with a list of trees or shrubs.  You can see the other two 12-lists by scrolling down.

12 New or Different Trees or Shrubs to try in 2013
  1. Yellowwood -- a spring-flowering, overlooked native plant, yellowwood was featured in the UK College of Ag's AgMag this fall.
  2. Cryptomeria (Japanese cedar) -- makes a great screen plus it's different!  Try it!
  3. Green Panda Bamboo TM -- a great non-invasive bamboo
  4. Buttonbush -- thrives in wet areas but grows very well in non-soppy areas too
  5. Goldenraintree -- not my favorite but it's easy and different and not at all a bad plant
  6. Lacebark pine -- what's not to like? It's a pine AND it has exfoliating bark.
  7. Ginkgo -- get a male cultivar like 'Autumn Gold' but there are others
  8. Doublefile Viburnum -- impresses me more and more each time I see one.
  9. Chastetree -- interesting compound leaves (remind you of marijuana), provides purple blooms June/July through frost and the bees love it!
  10. Japanese zelkova -- this is just a good street tree, very tolerant of urban conditions. In Somerset, these can be seen more around businesses but they lend themselves well to just being in someone's yard as a shade tree.
  11. Fothergilla -- I just love these plants. Extremely nice fall color, wonderful spring blooms.
  12. Virginia sweetspire -- if you need a plant to fill in an area in 3 to 4 years, with white bottebrush blooms and red fall color, you want this one. 'Little Henry' is a good dwarf selection.

Doublefile viburnum

Dwarf fothergilla

Green Panda bamboo       

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