Friday, September 26, 2014


I am getting extremely fond of bulbs, and why not? They need be planted only once and you get many, many years of returns.

Many of us have experience with tulips and many of our experiences are not that great. Generally what I hear is most of us only get a year's worth of bloom, then they are either weak or non-existent the following year.

However, if you pick the right species of tulip, I think you'll be as happy as gardeners are with daffodils (meaning: pretty dang happy).

Come to a class on tulips here at the Pulaski Co Extension office on October 2 at 6pm. The fee is $15 and if you pre-register, you will get to take home several of  the species tulips.

There are several species of tulips which should be considered for the home landscape in Kentucky.
  • Tulipa kaufmanniana  
  • T. fosteriana
  • T. greigii
  • T. clusiana 
  • T. sylvestris
  • T. praestans 
  • T. tarda
  • T humilis
  • T. bakerii
  • and many more! 
Darwin hybrids are big and bold and will last many years in the garden as well.
Here's a link to the University of Kentucky publication HO-80 'Spring, Summer, and Fall Bulbs'

All images from Brent and Becky's Bulbs.
T. kaufmanniana
T. praestans
T. clusiana

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