Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've Gone And Done It

Well, like I didn't have enough to do -- I went and did it anyway. I am now the proud mama of 2 hives of honeybees.

These are called 'nucs' which are small, ready-made hives sort of. Inside these temporary homes, there are 5 frames with a laying queen, plenty of workers and drones, with comb and brood. They were ready for a permanent home, which are these hive bodies you see below.

I'm one of the 15 or so new beekeepers in Pulaski Co this year. I'm excited/anxious about the whole thing. But we have a strong group of beekeepers in Pulaski Co who are going to help all the new beekeepers out during their first year.

Now, if my bee suit wasn't a size too big....

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