Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What's NOT to Like Here....

Look at this tree and tell me one good reason NOT to plant it.

Just some facts first:
  • It will not grow into power lines.
  • It has survived the drought of 2007 and 08 with no supplemental water
  • It has fantastic white, fragrant blooms
  • It has close to no disease or insect problems
  • It is a native plant
  • Michael Dirr states that '...I would like to make a case for this as the national shrub for even dogwood does not carry itself with such refinement, dignity, and class when in flower' -- WOW!
This plant is....White Fringetree aka Old-man's beard. Scientific name is Chionanthus virginicus. Don't be like everyone else. Go get one of these -- and plant it.

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